What I Wore Today

I've entered this into the What I Wore Today Drawings Pool on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/whatiworetodaydrawings/pool/  in hopes of getting into the book that is being made. Wish me luck!! 


I am not neglecting this blog...but i personally find Tumblr a lot easier for blogging so here it is


Feather and Faun

Just a few pieces i haven't shared with you yet.

Up in the Woods

A quick zine i made last year. It included my photographs copied onto acetate, geometric paper, stitching and words from the Bon Iver song 'Up in the Woods'.

No monsters under my bed..

Looking for inspiration I found some old college and uni work under my bed and wanted to share some of my faves with you...

These are character designs and collages from 1st year of uni.
These images are from a sketch book i made out of a Zara catalogue. I really loved this project and i guess you could say alot of the images are fashion illustrations, which is definitely something i want to start doing again.


No posts for 5 whole months...how bad am i?? VERY bad indeed.
Here is a lovely summery picture of some flowers at my window sill as an apology. 


Seeing Red..

Finally made a layout of my wood pieces, rustled up a hand drawn twig font and a quick image for a possible book cover..?


At last.

I finally got round to taking these last degree show images out of their frames so i could get some proper scans of them. These will go up for sale soon, so keep a look out for that!!

Illustration Rally

This is my piece for Illustration Rally's European Countries, my country was Greece. I was really stuck on what to do at first because apart from plate smashing i didnt really know alot about the modern Greece, so i concentrated on Ancient Greece and Aristotle the philosopher. I incorporated one of his famous quotes "The soul never thinks without a picture" and the word Greece in ancient greek (i hope).


My Degree Show 2010

Photos of my degree show display (sorry im late posting) and the uni's silk-screen room, i miss it alot.

Storehouse. A-B

This was my piece for the NUCA student magazine Storehouse. The theme was A-B. The words are from one of my favourite songs Little Bit by Lykke li

Owl Bag

This is me in the studio with my hand screen-printed Owl Shopper Bag.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

My final bookcover

Little Red

Above are the wood pieces for Little Red Riding Hood (sorry for the poor photo and messy carpet)
and the 2nd and 3rd images are designs for screenprints.